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  • Hammocks can be a great add on to your travelling gear if you like the idea of chilling in the nature reading a book or playing your favourite music. You can park anywhere and set up your bed between the trees anywhere you like. Make sure to pick a hammock which can last you long. Here is what you need can consider while purchasing a hammock.


    There are two types of hammocks you can consider based on the size. The single hammocks can range from 4 to 5 foot and is a convenient option for a single person to relax outdoors. They can take from 300 to 400 pounds of weight. The double hammocks can be 5 to 6 foot in width and are more spacious for two people to sleep comfortably. It can also withstand a weight of 400-500 pounds without an effort.
    The length of hammocks depend on the manufacturers, but generally, everyone follows the same range of length for both single and double hammocks, which is idle for all height people. While picking a hammock always take the one at least 2 feet longer than your height.

    The fabric

    You can get heavy-duty hammocks and the lightweight hammocks. The heavy-duty fabrics are more durable, but the ultralight fabric can wear off soon. The need for the fabric of the hammock depends on the application as well as the usage over time. If you are planning to travel with a backpack, a lightweight hammock will be a good option, but if you want one for your backyard or going on a road trip, you can go for a much durable heavyweight option.


    You can find different accessories for your hammock to get better comfort. Most of the accessories are standard for all types of hammocks, but it is always safe to read the product info before you pick the item. Some of the accessories you can get for your hammock are:

    Suspension system:Apart from the carabiners that you get with your hammock, you can purchase an attaching suspension system to allow more stretch and flexibility.
    Underquilt: You will also need to keep yourself warm if you are planning to spend a night under the stars, especially in the case of ultralight hammocks. You will freeze if there is no insulation around you. Underquilt is a warm attachment for the outside of the hammock so you can keep warm.
    Rain tarp: Rain tarp will protect you from the rain and is attached over the top of the hammock. The bigger tarp you buy, the better it will be able to protect you during windy rain.
    Bug net: Camping in a forest can be full of bugs and flies. A bug net can provide 360 protection around your hammock. Pick the net which can keep even the smallest fleas away.

  • Nowadays hammocking is getting popular among travellers due to a whole different experience that it offers. Hammocking can be a relaxing and fun activity that one can do with their friends while chilling on a good location. You can find more and more hammocks around the trees of popular natural travel destinations. Here is why hammocking is an idea liked by every traveller and how you can spend some interesting time with it.

    It can be done anywhere

    All you need for hammocking is two strong poles or tree trunks, and you can enjoy lying down and swinging anywhere you like. You can pick a good spot which satisfied your peace of mind. Hammocking can also be seen inside working spaces these days as people prefer to relax and work outside. Finding a sweet spot where you can spend time reading a book or listen to songs can be a great idea for a sunny day with a pair of shady trees next to each other.

    Hammocks are lightweight

    Not only do they provide comfort anywhere, but they can also be ultralight and easy to carry. You can purchase portable ultralight hammocks and pack them easily in your backpack. The easy portability makes is a choice for travellers and hikers as it is a safe way to relax in a forest. They can tie their hammocks above the ground and prevent any insects or snakes from crawling inside.

    It can connect you socially

    Hammocks can be a great way to connect with someone during a breezy sunset on a beach. The double hammocks can fit in two people comfortably. You can meet people, lie down and enjoy the evening sharing stories with each other. Hammocks look interesting can attract people who want to try it out which can easily make people connect.

    Great relaxing alternative

    Sleeping in bags can get pretty uncomfortable while sleeping on the floor and take more space and weight on your backpack. On the contrary, hammocks can be very lightweight and easy to fold. It can also provide you with a much better sleep while swinging between the trees, unlike the sleeping bags and tents which can make your base pretty rocky and rough if you are camping over the mountains.

    It provides a good cuddle

    Hammocking can also make your romantic life interesting if you plan on spending a good time alone. You do not have to worry about cuddles as you both will roll to the middle if you want to share the hammock at the same time. This might be the right time to be closest to each other and talk about future goals as well as try out new cuddling positions.